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Microblading Chicago – It’s about Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle!

“I adore Chicago. It is the pulse of America.” – Sarah Bernhardt

Microblading Chicago – Everyone loves to look good and be aware of modern beauty trends that will make you look the best version of you. Microblading is one such miracle to make you look the best in the crowd.

Inquisitive about Microblading Chicago trends and fashionable quirks?

Whether you consider yourself an average looking girl or a beauty with great looks, microblading is a beauty procedure to enhance your beauty! Ready to add another tool to your beauty kit?

Beauty, splendor, elegance, personal satisfaction and unique looks are common factors in our today’s world. The reasons aren’t so far-fetched. Trendy fashion can help you stand out and tell the world just how much you care about your body.

Think about it, who wants an unkempt date, right?
But here’s a shocker. We often focus more on our dresses, skincare, and hairdos but forget one of the most essential parts – OUR EYEBROWS!

Looking Good, Better and Best with Microblading Chicago

If eyebrows were to be placed on scales – bushy ones would register a robust negative sign, thin and misshapen eyebrows would carry a larger “X” sign and bald ones would not even weigh on the scales.

A poorly managed brow could be a major turn off!
But guess what, Microblading Chicago can restore all the juice.


What is Microblading?


Microblading is a beautification technique imbued in the use of color pigments and custom designed tools to create permanent eyebrows. Many beauty experts have attributed it to a kind of tattooing involving subtle markings and color injection into the layers of the eyebrow area.

If you have been following up the trend, you will notice that it became more prominent and widespread with celebrity use. When ladies realized that some of the eyebrows they adored weren’t carved in heaven, they sought to have theirs drawn on earth.


Microblading – A Fast Solution for Rough Brows


If you are suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy, you have found an ally –

  • Or, if you have plucked out too much of your brows leaving a rough and uneven patch behind, you have found a substitute.
  • If you are bald on the brow areas, you have found an ally.
  • Lastly, if you have unequal and shapeless eyebrows, you have found a substitute.

Microblading proves to be an accessible alternative for every person in the above category. Its methods can carefully replace lost or badly shaped eyebrows with a well carved one having excellent outlooks.


Quick Facts about Microblading:


  • Microblading is the price to pay for perfectly arched brows and well-shaved eyebrows.
  • About 40% of millennials and Gen Xers use tattooing to emphasize essential parts, and Microblading is one of those.
  • Microblading leaves a darker and fuller eyebrow after it is successfully drawn.
  • It may need some touch ups few weeks after pigmentation.
  • Microblading is semi-permanent and lasts for about six months to 2 years.
  • Cost of Microblading in Chicago is valued at an average of $225.


Why Microblading in Chicago?


Chicago is not just one of the largest cities in the US; it is the homestead of new beautification tactics. There are more than a handful of reasons why you should try Microblading Chicago; some are below.

First, Chicago is a formidable force when it comes to beauty enhancements. If there would be a massive change in the makeup industry, you won’t stay long to hear it. As such, beautiful homes are always abreast of the latest techniques and newest methods of adornments.

Secondly, since technological trends about beauty are disseminated speedily, it is easy to find expert makeup artists who can carry out flawless Microblading in Chicago; more than in other suburb areas.

Interestingly, you will see different categories and options based on your pocket. There are luxurious beauty homes where you could give yourself a treat for a busy week as you touch up your brows. Likewise, there are cost-effective shops with Microblading experts who can get you all set.

The key here is to be careful enough to choose and patronize a tested, trustworthy and prudent beautician.

Furthermore, Chicago is a beautiful place to get 3D Microblading services. This advanced method is a quite recent method which is appreciated for its flexibility and convenience.


3D Microblading in Chicago


3D Microblading is much more advanced than an average Microblading method. It makes uses of 3D effects, improved color pigmentation and application and rapid follow up. With 3D Microblading, pigments are tested and mixed to improve the way it looks on individual skins. Additionally, 3D Microblading employs the use of face brow detection and pattern mapping before the actual technique is applied.

It, therefore, means that with 3D Microblading, a facial test is conducted to know the best pattern of brows suitable for your face. Then, the brows are tattooed in a manner that mimics that look, leaving behind a natural look of a naturally growing eyebrow.

The truth is that a tattooed brow that is too dense in color and incompatible with facial features can look fake and less attractive. It is most definitely nobody’s wish to spend some hundred dollars and look worse thereafter, and 3D prevents accidental or mistaken Microblading.


After Microblading; What Next?


This is Chicago we are talking about! When all is said and done, and your brows are in its best what next? How about getting the right clothes, the proper shoes, and the best scarf to rock your apparel or does it all end at the Microblading table?

Do not make the mistake of ever thinking that your brows alone can do it. Cleopatra is remembered ages after her demise for the power and influence, more so for her beauty and dynamic looks.

You have to be a complete package of class, fashion, and of course beauty. But fret not, all three are achievable. Check out our top 10 list containing Beauty and Fashion Tips in Chicago.

10 Beauty and Fashion Tips in Chicago


Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder, but you will agree with us that everyone can behold some beauties.

Enjoy the ten beauty tips for Chicago below.

Beauty Tips


Tip 1 – It’s all about your brows

First, make sure your eyebrows are intact. We cannot emphasize this enough! Microblading is a hot trend and if you are still wondering why it’s because IT IS BEAUTIFUL!

Aside from saving minutes, hours and all the time you would otherwise spend in preparing your eyebrow for every outing, you could get a nice natural look with a pre-drawn eyebrow. With acute Microblading, you could be walking downtown with no concerns of your make up being affected; be it in winter, spring or summer.  It is like walking with a bulletproof vest; come rain, come sunshine, Microblading has got your back.

Eyebrows are amazing additives, and you should certainly get yours done, ASAP.

Tip 2 – Beautify your Eyelashes

The lengthier the eyelashes, the better. You could usher in glamour as you flip your eyes tenderly at your crush, or whoever is fortunate enough to be watching. Eyelashes are potent tools used by Chicago ladies to enhance their beauty.

A lengthier lash can help you to showcase the beauty of your eyes. They also display your eyebrows more. We advise that you

  • Get lengthier lashes from trusted products
  • Procure permanent lashes for your eyes
  • Use temporary lashes for special occasions
  • Use Mascara to make your natural eyelashes appear better: Never underestimate the power of a small whip of mascara. It could do magic.

Tip 3 – Sunscreen every day

Ever seen a clean, fair skin with no blemish? Then you would agree that beauty is sometimes synonymous with a clear complexion. All the beauty products and all the efforts you apply to get a smooth skin could be made futile with a few unfortunate exposures to the sun.

Using sunscreen every day is a sure way to coat your skin away from the harshness of the sun. Sunscreen can thus, help you protect your skin and maintain its juice all year long.

How often should I use sunscreen?

It is necessary for you to protect your skin from the sun every day. Chicago could experience fluctuating climatic conditions, and what better way is there to stay safe?

Also, you must know that sunlight could damage your skin and cause irreparable blemishes with high costs. So, as you go on long walks, and exercises, hang out in public or have some beach time, sunscreen your skin.

Tip 4 – Fetch Your Eyeliner

Wear Eyeliner before stepping out. This is probably one of the most easily forgettable makeup steps. When rushing off to work or important meetings, it is easier to scribble on a lipstick, use a little bit of mascara or even draw brows (when necessary) than wear eyeliner.

The gist behind reluctance with eye-lining:

  • It often takes more attention to draw a line under the lashes
  • It can quickly get stained and messy
  • We often feel it makes no difference

But number 3 is a myth because Eye lining makes a lot of difference! It can help bring out your eyeball. Also, it delivers a better look when combined with mascara. So, number 4 tip for your beauty in Chicago is to get your eyeliner set.

(Don’t have the time to go through eye lining every day? Get it permanently done)

Tip 5 – Exfoliate

Again, we are focusing on your skin. Exfoliating has proven to be a reliable beauty tip. Many ladies have used it to look fresh and younger and you can too. When you exfoliate, you remove dead skin cells around the face resulting into a smoother and flawless look.

Exfoliating can also help you eliminate acne and make blemishes less noticeable. It is advisable for you to exfoliate at least twice a week. You could use face masks to get faster improvements too.

Moving on to Fashion

As you walk down the streets of Illinois, visit the bars and pubs or even see a movie, it is quite easy to spot damsels with unique looks.

In such a buoyant and bubbling town, it is also easy to feel lost and unnoticed in the crowd; but guess what, fashion can single you out!

Fashion Tips


Tip 6 – Dress for the Occasion

Yes, you should dress for the occasion you are attending. Chicagoans have a quite distinct manner of dressing with loose apparels and stylish wears but what you wear should depend on where you are going. Don’t go to see a match dressed up like it’s a dinner party.

What we mean is fashion is fashionable in Chicago, but don’t overdo it.

Tip 7 – Try out Strappy Lace-up Heels

Strappy lace heels are unique fits for Chicagoans. They can quickly show off your legs, accentuate your curves and compliment just about anything you wear. If you are unsure about combining these, we advise you begin by rocking a pair on a short gown.

Yes, it is sexy and beautiful too.

Tip 8 – Consider the Weather too

As you pick your outfit for the day, consider the weather and your comfort first before anything else. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for looks and always remember that you could rock a sweatshirt on a flabby pair of trousers and dense layers of coats and still look good.

In fact, you could rock anything and still look good. Watch the cold, use a scarf if you have to or change your style if you have to. Always consider the weather before you choose what to wear.

Tip 9 – Transition your wardrobe frequently

Do not hesitate to get something new and trendy often. You are not going to get all you need from your official shopping routines. When you stumble on something stylish from a shop, pick it up.

Stocking and transitioning your wardrobe will help you gather multiple options which could be combined per time.

Tip 10 – Be You

Last but not the least, in all the drama and fashion combinations, do not hesitate to rock your style. Whip your hair in angles that appeal to you and wear a smile as you walk out of your apartment. Confidence carries heavy cologne and being you shows that you are confident about you.

So, that’s how you combine microblading Chicago, with beauty, fashion, and style in Chicago. How about you give it a try?

Contact us at Subtle Salon to learn more!

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