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NYC and Microblading – Up You Fashion Game with these Veiled Gems

Microblading NYC – Her name was New York. She had poisoned your sweet mind.

There are so many writers, poets and quotes on New York City but no one can make you experience the beauty of New York without visiting it.

As they rightly said, “One belongs to New York instantly. One belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” Oh, the beauty of NYC!

Think of fashionable lifestyle, of different people coming together and of making it BIG and you would have thought of NYC!

There is no doubting the personalities you could run into on the streets and those you could swear you’d meet at certain 5-star places. Life is intriguing in NYC but perhaps there’s more?

Perhaps there are secrets behind the fully made up faces, the natural looking lips, the full brows that need no additional makeup and the entire gorgeous celebrity aura flying around?

We bet you must have thought to yourself, how some of the ladies out there always have their perfect look on? We assure you that although there are translucent goddesses of beauty sent from heaven above, those pretties you probably see aren’t one of them!
They simply know the secrets of fanciful beauty and are practising its tips religiously.

No, we aren’t asking you to worship Venus, the goddess of beauty or
sacrifice someone to attain those gorgeous looks.
All you need to do is visit the right beauty centre in NYC and you will be one of them.

Excited to know true secrets?

With Microblading NYC, you would restructure your appearance and tripled your pace towards the land of awesome looks.

Improving your looks with Microblading

Microblading is one of the most trending semi-permanent make up techniques in the 21st century. A kind of superficial tattooing, it involves careful carving of hair strandlines on the brows, leaving a perfect look of a full eyebrow.

For a first timer, what this means is that although your eyebrows are as hairless as your skin, it could look as hairy as Lily Collins and as curvy and uniquely carved as Marilyn Monroe.

Microblading is the new beauty trick and if you are a fan of perfect looks drawn according to your taste, you will most certainly love this advanced makeup.

Some Goodies Microblading NYC has for you?

Microblading as a technique has a host of potentials but of course, Microblading NYC carries more. Having your eyebrows perfected in NYC would mean that you get expert hands on it and most importantly, you would be rocking your own style in no time.

Microblading transforms into:

  • No more hush and rush eyebrow make up before your party: You can now focus your attention on your lips and other parts of your face because your brows are intact!
  • 100% natural look as you walk down the street: Microblading looks completely natural and real! It comes with a 3D effect that looks like hairy brows that were naturally made/curved so. Your date would be so stunned at how natural you look with no makeup.
  • No worries over having your carefully done eyebrow messy as you take a swim at the pool: The great news is that your brows wouldn’t wash off even if you swam all day! Same goes for pool parties, beach dives, Kayaking or canoeing. Now, enjoy your life to the fullest with Microblading NYC without worrying about eyebrows dripping.
  • Sleeping and waking up looking Gorgeous:  With Microblading NYC, you will be waking up looking beautiful with intact brows. Your dream of uploading a picture that says #WokeUpLikeThis might come true!

However, you may no longer have the leverage of changing your brow styles or manipulating the arch and edges anymore. This is because Microblading is semi-permanent and lasts for at least 12 months.

But who needs to change a brow that’s perfectly made, right?

No Need for Extra Touch Ups

Microblading is a very convenient and innovative addition for every beauty enhancer out there. If you want a flawless brow that needs no extra touches whenever you are going out, you should try it.

New York City never runs dry of the booming fun, the girls’ hangout, boys daring nights and celebrity shows. You could enjoy all of them looking your best.

So, with microblading, when next you are having a night out or taking a jog in the morning, your brows would be enhanced to remain exotic and inviting – anytime, anywhere.

How to Get Microblading NYC – Some Valuable Tips

There are great permanent makeup companies in NYC. Microblading NYC is rich in all corners but still, due diligence is necessary. Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Always work with professionals who have a state license for permanent make up techniques. Just as there are professionals, there are also semi-professionals and even quacks in the industry. Ensure to get the best for your makeup.
  2. Most importantly, while making your choice, you must keep in mind that Microblading is a form of a tattoo. If your brows are badly done, there are no rock-solid methods for removal. So, choose to work with a trustworthy company.
  3. Endeavour to patronize one artist for your Microblading. Most experts prefer working with virgin eyebrows and maintaining same from time to time. Using different artists may cause scarring of your eyebrows and that will certainly yield an unpleasant result. The brows may start looking rough and may become difficult to beautify thereafter.

(Did you notice that getting professional artists appeared twice on our recommendations? That’s how important it is.)

There is nothing as devastating as a scarce and bad looking brow; you will have to draw it every day! Even when you are late for work, when you are running out of time or when your date is already waiting downstairs. There is no crime in looking good and Microblading makes it much easier by providing you with a long-lasting look of fuller eyebrows.

A fuller eyebrow helps you look younger, makes it easier for your makeup to blend in, and lastly, helps you look natural.

Would you rather leave your eyebrow bare, than use Microblading?

Do you have more questions?
Read our next blog answering top 10 questions people ask about Microblading (insert link) to know more about it.

Stay Stylish, Look Beautiful with Microblading!

Top 9 Questions People Ask About Microblading NYC

If you live in NYC or if you visit there often, the chances are you must have heard about Microblading. More so, if you are into the business of looking good at all times or you pay attention to your looks, it is absolutely impossible not to have heard about it.

You could increase your splendor, double your beauty and look more effortlessly beautiful with Microblading.

Look good from breakfast to the clubbing hours with Microblading!

Here are 9 most common questions people ask about Microblading NYC.
Sit tight, read, enjoy and don’t hesitate to forward your questions to us.

  1. What is Microblading about?

Microblading is a trending makeup method which involves the use of special tattoo equipments in inserting pigments into the epidermis/dermis of the skin around the eye brow area.

Fact is, Microblading is a type of tattoo no matter how some platforms try to classify it. But it is a more superficial type that tends to stay on your skin for almost about a year.

  1. How the technique works?

While undergoing Microblading, special needle like tools are used to make incisions in a careful pattern; and pigments are injected into the skin from there. The process often takes 2 to 3 hours to complete and if equipments are not properly sterilized, it may lead to infections.

All of these are a pointer to the fact that beauty comes at a price. However, you can pay less when you partner with an experienced and licensed team like us.

  1. Which Top Celebrities Have used Microblading?

Fashion and makeup trends in New York City do not just emerge out of the blues. Most of the times, their tracks can be traced back to the home of very famous and stylish celebrities. So, there are no surprises why people doing or considering Microblading NYC demand to know who started it, and how.

Get to know the celebrities who got their natural brows from Microblading

Microblading as a method has being practiced for almost ten years now (since the early 2000s) but it came into limelight in 2016 after celebrity/famous actress Bella Thorne publicized her newly decorated eyebrow which was nicely done with Microblading.

She had hers designed and perfected by expert Julia Faria and she left no part of the process left for the imagination. Bella showed how far, how well and how much time was invested in her Microblading adventure on her Snapchat story. She even went ahead to show her before and after Microblading photos.

Since then, the trend has continued to advance. Thereafter, the likes of Lena Dunham and celebrity Kristie Streicher have ensured that Microblading remain relevant in the celebrity life style news.

  1. Is Microblading painful?

When Lena Dunham had her Microblading here’s what she said to Vogue:

“It is less painful than sunburn and utterly delightful”

The quantum of pain is an ever-occurring question when it comes to Microblading and our answer is this: “It depends”.

Hold on, there’s no need to freak out.

Like we mentioned before, Microblading involves the use of needle like equipment to make small but patterned incisions on the eyebrow after which pigments are injected inside. So yes, there will be a little bit of pain, which may sting for a day of two.

However, there is good news because advance Microblading in NYC apply numbing creams before the procedure which helps in reducing the pain to minimal. So, you can take Lena’s testimony for real – it won’t hurt much.

  1. How permanent is it?

Again, this depends on certain factors. If the Microblading is done on the epidermis, it may fade out in eight to twelve months (This is because the epidermis tends to replenish itself more often than the dermis).

But if done on the dermis skin layer, it can last for as long as twelve to eighteen months. Since most Microblading are done on the dermis, its usual longevity period is rated between one to two years.

Taking a fun look at it, that is a whole year free of manual eye brow drawing! It is indeed a lasting alternative.

  1. The different types: 3D, 4D, 6D effects

There are different types of Microblading as per effects. Some leave a 3D effect on the skin, others 4D and some even as high as 6D. These effects will depend on the digital pen, the kind of pattern (hair strokes) used by your artist and the depths of the strokes.

Of course, 6D is often sharper and lasts for a longer period of time.

  1. Will Microblading look good on me?

The fitting of your Microblading will depend on a lot of factors. Firstly, it needs to be done with fine hair strokes that fit your face and an arch or style that is suitable. Microblading NYC will allow you to chose the pattern you like and blend it in from there.

Your complexion will also determine the suitable color pigmentation and a virgin brow is always easier to beautify. If you asked of our recommendation, we would advice that you make sure to get an expert artist for it.

  1. Are touch ups required?

Yes. Few weeks after the main Microblading, you will need to return for touch up and blending. Sometimes, this is required between 4-8weeks after your eyebrows are done. This touch up is done to ensure that the colors blend in properly and to evaluate if there’s need for more attention.

Once the follow up is done, you can enjoy your made brows until months or even years after!

  1. How much does Microblading cost?

Microblading NYC costs $400 – $800 or even more. It all depends on your choice of expert and how much work needs to be done.

Have we left any questions behind? Send us your queries and we will be happy to answer them all.

Stay Stylish, Look Beautiful with Microblading!  Read more about beauty and fashion here!

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